Local bus transport is provided by the companies Promet and Dalmatinac via routes connecting Split with Omiš that stop in every village in Podstrana, and routes connecting Split with the villages in the hinterland (Dubrava, Tugare).

Operating on the coastal thoroughfare, Promet’s route number 60 departs from Split and Omiš every 30 minutes and is the most frequent route in Podstrana. The westernmost village in Podstrana, Strožanac, can also be reached via routes 27, 28 and 29, that connect Split with Žrnovnica, Dubrava and Tugare.

Podstrana is, mostly via the cities of Split and Omiš, connected with both the coastal towns to the north and south and the Croatian hinterland via the intercity routes of various companies.

Podstrana is connected with the islands via boat and ferry routes that depart from Split City Port, and via seasonal boat tours.

(Rail and air transport is available in Split and Resnik Airport).