This route follows asphalt roads in its entirety and circles around Primorska Kosa. Just like the previous trails, it starts and ends in front of the office of the Tourist Board of Podstrana. From there, it follows the road towards Žrnovnica (passing next to Snake Rock, Peta Peruna and the abandoned quarry). It continues along the Vilar canyon towards the villages of Srinjine and Tugare, at the entrance of which the Radilović ˝museum˝, the largest amateur collection of ethnological materials from the area of Poljica, is located. Worth visiting is also the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as Our Lady of Smovo, which is located in the middle of the forested hill of Smovo, before the entrance to Gata.  The hill of Gradac and Podgradac below it, which is where the Grand Duke of Poljica used to be elected, are the heartland of the Poljica Duchy. In the centre of the village of Gata, you can find is a museum dedicated to Poljica, a monument to the Glagolitic Priest and the Church of St Cyprian, which was built on the foundations of a huge basilica from the Late Antique period.   From Gata, a winding stretch of the trail passes by the statue of Mila Gojsalić, heroine of Poljica, and by the shrine of Leopold Mandić in Zakučac, after which it descends into the western part of Omiš next to the old Glagolitic seminary and the Church of St Peter in Priko.  Following the Adriatic Highway, this lengthy route returns to its starting point in Strožanac. The route is 41 kilometres long and is completely asphalted.

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