This trail connects the centre of Žrnovnica with Mutogras, the easternmost village in Podstrana. The route begins at the port in Strožanac and follows the pebbled seafront promenade (lungomare) along a string of bays and beaches, passing through the village of Sv. Martin and its rich Antique-period and mediaeval cultural heritage and continuing to Mutogras.  There, cyclists should turn around in front of the info point and return the same way to Strožanac.  From there, the route continues along the pebbled promenade on the left bank of the river towards the village of Žrnovnica. Worth visiting are the archaeological locality in Strožanac and the parish church of Our Lady of Sita, which owes its name to the pre-Christian toponymic layer and relates to the cult of the Old Slavic female deity called Mokoš.  Snake Rock, the second key point of the Old Slavic sacral landscape, is located right by the road that leads towards Žrnovnica, about half a kilometre from the mouth of the river. The river and trail curve around Peta Peruna, i.e. the abandoned quarry where scenes from the ˝Game of Thrones˝ series were filmed, continuing into the village of Žrnovnica. In the centre of the village are the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which features a relief that depicts the ˝Divine Battle˝, and Antonica’s Mill. The latter excursion site features the only preserved and restored mill on the Žrnovnica river, and was also the filming location for several scenes from the ˝Game of Thrones˝. The route is 19 kilometres long, with an asphalt, macadam and pebble surface.
23. December 2016. | Categories: Cyclotourist tourism