This circular cycle route begins and ends in front of the office of the Tourist Board of Podstrana. It starts off in the direction of the west and follows road D8, which later turns into a macadam path, that is, the promenade along the river Žrnovnica that leads to the foot of Perun quarry. Before the quarry, the trail crosses over to the other side of the road and follows the uphill asphalt road up to the plateau of the quarry, where there is a horseback riding club and paintball range. From there, the route continues along the uphill macadam path that leads towards Gornja Podstrana, which is where you should turn around and return the same way. This cycle route rewards you not only with a downhill slope, but also with magnificent views of the Podstrana Riviera, Stobreč and the city of Split. The route is about 16 kilometres long, with an asphalt and macadam surface.
23. December 2016. | Categories: Cyclotourist tourism