The cuisine of Podstrana comprises Mediterranean dishes and autochthonous specialties from Podstrana and Poljica, among which are the celebrated soparnik from Poljica or ujenak from Podstrana.


The many organic ingredients that are farmed locally – vegetables, fruits (among which the peach stands out as the symbol of the municipality), grapevine, fresh seafood and first-class homemade wine and olive oil – are the key assets of any respectable kitchen in Podstrana.

Its many restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, café bars and fast food joints are mostly located along the main thoroughfare in Podstrana and in Gornja Podstrana.

Restaurants: L’Aroma, Arkada, Conlemani, Leonis, Spalatum, Sedam palmi, Champagne bar, Pivnica restoran, Laguna bar, Pizzeria Fabio,             Restaurant Kužina, Luda Braća, Mario, Jure, Konoba Argola, Restaurant Perun.

Fast food: Bili Pivac, Cvrčak.

24. May 2016. | Categories: Gastronomy