This elegant three-storey building is located in Strožanac, right next the main thoroughfare in Podstrana.

As early as the 15th century, the eminent Cindro (De Cindris) family from Split owned land at several locations in Podstrana, and was later awarded an estate in Strožanac in honour of its services in the struggle against the Ottomans. This estate soon fell under the possession of the Ottomans, but the Venetian Republic returned it to its owners in the late 17th century and, in 1734, confirmed their ownership rights with a ducal decree.

The family soon erected a building near the coast that, in addition to its commercial and residential function, also played a defensive role. The old fort of what used to be the Benedictine monastery, with gun turrets still visible, became part of the northeast corner of the yard, while the opposite corner was occupied by a larger building with an L-layout built in the 19th century, with the family’s coat of arms above the front door, transferred from the family’s palace in Split. Already then, the summer residence hosted performances by chamber orchestras and excerpts from the operas of the day, which is a role it still cultivates today.

The 900 m² large courtyard of the complex has been turned into a garden with painstakingly selected plant species, among which Mediterranean species dominate: oleanders, palms, mulberry trees and boxwood. Ever since the summer residence was protected as a cultural monument in 1979 and later renovated, its owners have been using its interior as a summer home, while the courtyard is used as an elegant green backdrop for many of Podstrana’s summer cultural events.