The Early Romanesque Chapel of St George was built on the edge of a cliff above Gornja (Stara) Podstrana and is one of the four old Croatian churches that stand at similar locations along the ridge of Primorska Kosa, from Žrnovnica to Cetina(St George on Perunsko, St Maximus in Jesenice and Our Lady of Stomorica in Duće).

The construction of the Chapel of St George is dated no later than the 11 th century. It was built in a rustic style and in a primitive fashion, with irregular and asymmetrical lines, from materials that were most likely taken from the nearby prehistoric rock pile. The external altar at the southern part of the church has been erected recently. The church has been renovated in its entirety: a new facade hasbeen applied and a new belfry and bell have been added.

St George is the patron saint of Poljica, and two chapels on Perun Hill arededicated to him: this one on Vršina on the eastern part of Perun Hill, and the other on the western peak of Perunsko, about 4 kilometres away. Although the locations of both chapels are morphologically similar, their archaeological surroundings and related customs differ: the chapel of St George on Vršina is located on the western of a semi-circular prehistoric pile and is surrounded by mediaeval graves in which, alongside Christian ones, non-Christian burials have also been discovered, and the day of St George and blessing of the fields is celebrated in the church on 03 May, which corresponds to the commemoration day as calculated before the calendar reform in 1582 (which is where the local name for the church, Stara Jurjeva(Old StGeorge's) is derived from); the other chapel, the one on Perunsko, was erected as part of the so-called ˝Duga gomila˝, on the foundations of Peruns ancient shrine and at a location with no traces of graves, and festivities are held there on the Day of St George on 23 April.

On Vršina there was a big celebration with a procession that passed through the old village path and which was of greater importance to the people of Podstrana than the one in the Chapel of St George on Perunsko. All the way up to the mid-20 th century, the celebration was accompanied by folk music. This tradition of pilgrimage has recently been enriched with the addition of the Stations of the Cross.