The double Church of St Anthony and St Rocco, a cultural monument protected by the Republic of Croatia, is located in the centre of the oldest part of the village of Podstrana. The inscription in Bosnian Cyrillic engraved in the stone arch above the south church door reveals the year the building was erected as 1666.

The two-nave interior of the church is divided vertically by two arcades while, along the eastern wall, there are altars dedicated to St Anthony and St Rocco, in  the northern and southern naves, respectively. Both altars feature wooden retables of a similar make, and the palls above them are ascribed to the same, anonymous painter. Originally, the front of the church had two gables and two belfries; however, the space between them was filled in the 19th century, and the newly unified building front was completed with a central belfry with three openings..

Several Roman monuments, stelae and fragments were built into this church: into the doorstep of the main entrance, the lintel above the side doors and into the floor inside. In addition to them, one Illyrian monument was also built into the front of the building – a relief depicting the satyr Silvan, a pastoral deity, accompanied by three nymphs.

The bells of this church are located in a separate stone bell tower located right by its southern wall, which was built in the second half of the 19th century.