Several sports associations are active in Podstrana and are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, particularly among youth.

When it comes to the sports and adventure events that marked the previous year in Podstrana (some of which have already become regular), we would like to highlight the five-a-side football tournament, the scenic bicycle race on Perun hill and the equally scenic Podstrana leg of the trekking race Dalmatia Ultra Trail on Perun.

The regular sports activities in Podstrana include the competitions held by the sailing clubs  Podstrana and Strožanac, the sports fishing association and the judo club  Tempo (the St Anthony’s Cup tournament  Kup).

The Artorius association for culture and sports and the Perun hiking club gather both lovers of cultural, historical and mythological heritage and fans of healthy living, nature and open-air activities. The spectacular Evenings of King Arthur have already become somewhat of a tradition in Podstrana and attract fans from far beyond the municipality’s boundaries.