Podstranskim gostima koji su odlučili u potpunosti doživjeti Podstranu i njezino okružje na raspolaganju je nekoliko mjesnih agencija koje u svojoj ponudi imaju aktivnosti rekreativnog, sportskog i avanturističkog tipa te izletničke aranžmane koji u kombinaciji s tim aktivnostima ili bez njih nude obilaske podstranskih lokaliteta kao i posjete susjednim mjestima i atraktivnim okolnim destinacijama: Iris Adventures, Dalmatia Biking.



If you’re just stopping by at Podstrana or have come here for a day trip from somewhere nearby, we recommend that you, after Sv. Martina and Gornje Podstrane, and, if you have the opportunity, climbing up to St George on Vršina, have lunch at one of the restaurants in Podstrana. Nobody should leave Podstrana without trying at least one slice of soparnik from Poljica (or ujenak from Podstrana)!


If you have decided to spend the night in Podstrana, but are staying for just one or two days, we also recommend a trip to the villages of Sv. Martin and Gornja Podstrana and climbing up to St George on Vršina. In addition, we recommend you combine this experience with one of the activities offered by the travel agencies of Podstrana  (Iris Adventures or Dalmatia Biking), depending on availability. The possibilities are many – sea kayaking, walking or cycling along the Žrnovnica river are some of the easier options. If you’re in good shape, dare to climb up to Perunsko peak or even do some sports climbing!


If you’ve decided to spend three or four days in Podstrana, or perhaps even more than a week, we advise you to not miss out on the offers of our local agencies, as they truly have something for everyone, regardless of what type of guest you may be.

Naturally, our guests are free to explore Podstrana on their own according to a plan of their own choosing – however, the advantages of organised trips are numerous. Experienced hosts, professional tour guides, direct transport, provided equipment and saved time and nerves are but a few of the perks.

Three-day and four-day stays in Podstrana should definitely include visits to Žrnovnica, Omiš and Split.

Visits to Žrnovnica are best done with a leisurely walk or bike ride along the river to the centre of the village, while the best way to reach Split is by bus.

You can also organise tours of Omiš on your own, expecially if you’re keen on enjoying the charm and beauty of the old town core. However, if your visit to Omiš also includes a (three-hour) zip line adventure, then opting for an agency is a much better choice, as they will be able to take you directly to the zip line polygon in the canyon. Rafting or canyoning on the Cetina river, without which every adventure in Omiš is incomplete, is also part of the offer of Podstrana’s agencies.

If you’re staying in Podstrana for four days, it is easy to also include a boat trip along the coast or to one of the nearby islands – or even several of them! Such boat trips by boat or speedboat are offered by the agencies Queen company d.o.o., Klobuk d.o.o.

If you’re staying in Podstrana for one week or more, there are a million and one ways to make good use of your time. Our advice is very simple and straightforward: make each day of your holiday different!

While indulging in all the flavours of Podstrana, don’t forget to take a bite from our neighbour’s tables as well, and visit some of the more remote treasures of Dalmatia.

Combine destinations on the mainland with those on the islands. Tour packages also include visits to the majestic waterfalls at Krka National Park and visits to islands that are so far away that, from the room of your hotel window, you can barely see them on the horizon.

Fans of adventure and adrenaline are bound to love the challenging activities provided the agencies  Iris Adventures and Dalmatia Biking, which organise activities both within Podstrana and beyond.

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