Cycling trails in Podstrana:

Promenade by the river Žrnovnica, approx. 3 km – an easy, flat and pleasant trail for cycling and observing the flora and fauna of the Žrnovnica river.

The macadam path of Perun quarry – Gornja Podstrana, approx. 6 km – a demanding mountain trail with breathtaking views.

Vršina – Perunsko, approx.  4 km – an extremely difficult trail on the peak ridge of Perun, a site rich in prehistoric and early Christian heritage.

Perunsko – Vilar, approx. 4.5 km – an extreme downhill trail that spectacularly descends down to the road in Vilar canyon.

Lungomare, approx. 6 km – an easy and flat road by the sea that provides magnificent views of the Podstrana coast..

Mura – Mutogras, approx. 1 km – an extreme downhill trail that leads from the spring of Mura to the sea.

Olive grove path – hotel Le Meridien Lav, approx. 5 km – a demanding trail that starts in Gornja Podstrana and leads through a picturesque landscape marked by traditional agriculture, with a variety of exits terminating by the sea.

Old Villages Trail

The trail connects the port of Strožanac, located in the western part of the Podstrana Municipality, with the town of Omiš. After passing through the town of Strožanac, the trail climbs up onto a dirt road which, following the isocline, takes you through picturesque old villages that occupy the slopes of the cliff Primorska kosa: the eco-ethno village Gornja Podstrana, whose historic core and the Church of St Anthony and Rocco are categorised as a protected cultural monument, Old village Jesenice, with equally well-preserved remains of folk architecture and a monument to the Fallen Fighters of the National Liberation Army /NOB/. Finally, the trail ends in the old village of Duće, in the vicinity of which the former parish Church of St Marco and its cemetery are located. The centre of Omiš and the cliffs of the Cetina River estuary are also well worth visiting.

Snake Rock Trail

The trail connects the centre of Žrnovnica with a historic site in Sv. Martin. It picks up in the port of Strožanac and follows the gravelled promenade, along bays and beaches all the way to Sv. Martin, a town with extraordinarily rich heritage from the Ancient times and the Middle Ages. From there it returns to Strožanac and continues along the river towards the town of Žrnovnica. The archaeological site and parish church of Our Lady of Sita, whose mythical name refers to the cult of the pre-Slavic female deity Mokoš, is also a place worth visiting. The Snake Rock, a protected cultural and historical monument, is the second key point of the pre-Slavic sacral landscape. It is located right next to the road to Žrnovnica, about half a kilometre from the river estuary. The river and the trail wind around the Peta Peruna area, i.e. the abandoned quarry where several scenes from the Game of Thrones series were filmed, and enter into the town of Žrnovnica. In the centre of the town there is the parish Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary with a relief showing a pre-Slavic ˝Battle of the Gods“ and Antonica’s Mill- an excursion site with the only preserved and renovated mill on the Žrnovnica river, also a shooting location from the same series.

Arthur Trail

The trail connects the beach and historic and archaeological site in Sv. Martin with the eco-ethno village of Gornja Podstrana. It starts from the church of St. Martin which was once connected to a castle thus forming a complex which belonged to the Croatian duke Mislav. According to the Venetian sources, he made peace with the doge Pietro Tradonico in 839 in Sancti Martini curtis, that is, the Castle of Saint Martin. The church was erected in the place of a church from the Late Antique period which stood next to the necropolis. The church also features the famous tombstone of Lucius Artorius Castus, who was considered a personification of the legendary King Arthur. The paved serpentine road leads to Gornja Podstrana where it continues eastward up to the foothill of Pišćenica, the largest Illyric ritual pile in Podstrana. After the turn, the trail takes you down the dirt road through the village of Gornja Podstrana, whose centre andthe church of St Anthony and Rocco are a protected cultural monument, and next to the votive chapel of St Fabian and Sebastian, erected during the 18th century plague epidemics. The turning point is located on the crossroads above Strožanac, from where you return to Sv. Martin viaGornja Podstrana.

Poljica Circle trail

This trail entirely follows the paved roads circling around the Primorska kosa area. The trail takes you along the road from the port of Strožanac towards Žrnovnica, passing by Snake Rock and Peta Peruna as well as the abandoned quarry. It continues through Vilar canyon and towards villages of Srinjine and Tugare, which is home to the Radilović ˝museum“ that contains the largest collection of ethnological material from the Poljica area. The Church of the Assumption of Holy Mary or Our Lady of Smovo , located in the middle of the forested hill Smovo, prior to the entrance to Gata, is also a nice place to visit. The Gradac hill and Podgradac below it, which used to be the place where the great duke of Poljica was elected , lie at the heart of the Republic of Poljica. The viewpoint next to the church of St George, the patron saint of Poljica, offers magnificent views of the Cetina River estuary. Also located in the centre of the village are Poljica Museum and the monument to the Glagolitic priest, as well as the Church of St Cyprian , erected on the still–visible remains of a huge basilica from the Late Antiquity. A winding part of the trail goes down from Gata to the old Glagolitic seminary and the church of St Peter on Priko, a protected cultural site, in the western part of Omiš, passing by the statue of the Poljica hero Mile Gojsalić and the Sanctuary of Leopold Mandić in Zakučac along the way. The trail takes you back to Strožanac along the Adriatic road.

Perun trail

This circular trail picks up at the port of Strožanac and continues through the town on a paved road towards the old village. At the fourth kilometre it passes the Babina stina megalith, and at the fifth kilometre it continues on the dirt road Put maslinika. There it connects to the paved road coming from Sv. Martin. Passinh though Gornja Podstrana, the trail continues up to the beginning of a scenic serpentine road and the Way of the Cross which leads to St George on Vršina. This site offers breathtaking views, while the church is the place of local pilgrimage for the holiday of St George calculated according to the Julian calendar. Around the church, you can find the remains of an Illyrian fortress comprising of a couple of tombs from the pre-Christian era. From Gornja Podstrana, the trail continues on dirt road towards the foothill of the west peaks of Perun. The peak Perunsko, featuring the ancient church of St George and the prehistoric fortress around it, was the central point in pre-Slavic sacral interpretations of the landscape, which were most likely built upon on the existing cult. Beneath the rock of Veliki Perun there is a grove of centuries-old oak trees from where the route leads you back to the starting point in Strožanac.

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