The Stations of the Cross – Stara Podstrana were built at the initiative of an association of the people of Poljica under the name of “St Jure Priko – Podstrana branch˝, with the same patriotic and spiritual ecstasy that also moved the priest Pear Car (1861-1926) of Podstrana, who constructed, renovated and respiritualised many sites in Podstrana.  Eighty years after his death, during the service of parish priest Petar Dukić, young enthusiasts completed the only idea that he did not manage to realise during his lifetime – the Stations of the Cross – in the same spirit.

The Stations of the Cross were built and equipped between 2006 and 2009. During the first year, the path was cleared and wooden crosses were set up. The following year, stone crosses and stations were placed in their stead, which were financed by funds from donations and the auctioning of various objects of art.

The art associations Ante Kaštelančić from Podstrana and Krug from Dugi Rat joined in on the fundraising, as did Matica Hrvatska – Podstrana branch, and the auction was held in the restaurant Jure. The design of the stone stations was entrusted to gosp. Ženji Glinki, and their manufacture to the stone-masonry workshop Orlandini.

As this location offers a truly magnificent view of Mosor and the islands of Central Dalmatia, a viewpoint has been set up in the vicinity of the church. The viewpoint is equipped with a stone table and benches –twelve of them, in honour of the twelve villages of Poljica (katunas).