The Church of Our Lady of Good Health is located in the region of Šćadin, not far from the coast and in the centre of the parish territory.   It was build according to the design of architect Eugenija Hamzić from Rome.

The construction of the church began in 1967, during the service of parish priest Zdravo Čulić, and was completed during the service of parish priest Ante Vrbatović. It was consecrated by archbishop Ante Jurić on 13 October 1991.

The church has an octagonal layout and is lined with stone. It features a single altar, a stone mensa facing the congregation and a large gallery on the first floor. The total area covered by the church, rectory and hall for religious education is 400 m2. The church bell tower and clock were built after the consecration of the church, in 1993. The bell tower is 21 m in height and features a shallow steeple with three bells. It is also lined with stone.

The old parish church of Podstrana was in Gornja Podstrana, and the Church of Our Lady of Good Health became the parish church after World War Two, when new lifestyle trends stimulated the population living on in the area of Perun Hill to start migrating towards the coast, while the developing tourism industry began attracting immigrants from neighbouring regions.

The other parish church of Podstrana, the Church of Our Lady of Sita, is located in Strožanac and is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to heaven.