The effort that tourism professionals put into their work while no one is looking is the most reliable indicator of the quality of their work. This is especially true for hospitality professionals who get their groceries from local farmers and producers, even more so if it is from the same households, because guests can immediately feel their effort in the fruits and dishes that find their way to their table.
But even if they wanted to, the hosts at Podstrana could not hide most of their efforts. The abundant slopes of Perun, the green Podstrana coast, and the blue of its sea, where the Podstrana hosts reap and extract their treasure, are in plain sight whole year round, and the obvious beauty of the vistas in Podstrana is the first irresistible aesthetic guarantee of the quality offered by the local gastronomy.
Even though the many centuries of heritage that enrich the hospitality and cuisine of Podstrana include influences from classical antiquity, eastern Mediterranean, and especially local, Poljica tradition, the gastronomy of Podstrana remains open to scientifically sound recommendations by nutrition experts, but also to, sometimes less sound, requests of modern guests, especially younger ones. All of this is carefully and thoughtfully included in the cuisine, menus, and offers of the hospitality professionals in Podstrana.
The highest quality of genuine local groceries: fruit and vegetables, grapevines, olives, and seafood, as well as the guaranteed origin of those obtained elsewhere, are the foundations and true assets that represent the basis for the entire tourism image, and with that also the hospitality image, of Podstrana. The hospitality professionals will find their place in this image, each according to their desires and the type of establishment they operate, with their originality, their specialties, and their “secret recipes”.
Restaurants, taverns, pizzerias and confectioneries, pastry shops, fast food establishments, and coffee shops are mostly situated along the main thoroughfare in Podstrana, right on the beach or near the coast, and several of them are in great locations under a cliff, in the beautiful village of Stara Podstrana.
You can enjoy the beauty of the scenery in and around Podstrana and the wealth of historical and cultural heritage, which are the basis for all of the tourism in Podstrana, while taking a walk and quietly taking in the view, but also while engaging in sports or recreational activities, or participating in an adrenaline filled adventure. The entire cultural and natural heritage of Podstrana provides an irreplaceable flavour to all the food and drinks served at Podstrana.
That is why, without fear of exaggeration, we can say that guests choose the food establishments in Podstrana, regardless of the food they prefer, not only because of the view of what is on the plate, but also because of the view that can be seen beyond it.


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